Application for scholarships

To apply for financial assistance from the Pat Burns Foundation, simply choose the category that applies to your request and complete the nomination form related to your request. Nominations will be reviewed twice a year by an independent selection committee appointed by the board of directors of the Pat Burns Foundation. Applications will be evaluated according to the criteria established for each category. It is very important to respect the following deadlines:

  • Spring scholarships – deadline to submit an application: May 14, 2021
  • Fall scholarships – deadline to submit an application: October 15, 2021

N.B. All applications received after one of these deadlines will be evaluated in the following period. For example, an application received on April 7 will be evaluated in October.

A person whose application has been refused during one period is allowed to resubmit their application for the following period. An athlete who has received a scholarship in the current year or the previous year may also resubmit their application. The Pat Burns Foundation is committed to communicating with all those who submitted an application to inform them of the decision, positive or negative, of the selection committee on their application.